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Korg opsix SE and Platinum altered FM synths announced

There’s a pattern of releases emerging from Korg, as following the wavestate SE and platinum wave sequencing synths comes the opsix SE and opsix SE Platinum altered FM synths.

Claiming it to be “a digital synth like no other”, this instrument builds on the expansive sound engine in the original opsix, enhancing it with increased polyphony and voicing, great control, and a premium build.

Featuring a premium 61-key natural-touch keyboard with aftertouch, a sleek metal body for robustness, weighted metallic knobs with optimal weighting for effortless adjustments, 80 stereo voices of polyphony, hundreds of sounds enhanced for aftertouch control, and fully compatible with original opsix and opsix Native software.

At the heart of every sound is opsix SE’s Operator Mixer – a simple set of six faders and knobs that invite exploration. Each part lights up red to indicate carriers or blue for modulators. Manipulating them opens up new sound-shaping possibilities to breathe fresh life into your musical ideas. This straightforward, hands-on workflow is part of what makes opsix SE so unique, just like the sounds it offers.

Whether you’re tweaking a preset or building a patch from the ground up, the six data entry knobs on the right give you quick access to the parameters you need and seamlessly sync with the large OLED display, giving you a clear, focused direction to your workflow. Coupled with the mixer, it makes creating fresh sounds super easy and, most importantly, fun!

Select from a full range of analog-style filters, from the radical Korg MS-20 low-pass/high-pass filter to the powerful yet smooth KORG Polysix low-pass filter that gives your sound a vintage feel. There are also two or four-pole low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and band-reject filters with resonance.

There’s even a built-in spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope that gives you visual feedback via the screen on the music you’re making.

Waveforms can be arranged and modulated in nearly infinite ways, and the opsix is capable of many types of synthesis, including subtractive, semi-modular, analog, waveshaping, additive, and classic FM.

psix SE is FM-based, but the similarities to the classic synthesis end there. The Altered FM architecture delivers sounds across a vast spectrum, far wider than any single synthesis has been able to cover before, thanks to new sound components; new waveforms, filters, shaping, effects, LFOs, envelopes, modulations, and more, all translating to its broad assortment of sounds.

opsix SE provides three blocks of 30 types of high-definition effects that you can use together to enhance your sounds even further. There’s everything from a great mix of usable standard effects like chorus, phaser, delay, and compressor to some world-class shimmering reverbs that will elevate your sound to the next level.

There’s a 16-step sequencer with automatic capabilities, a modulation matrix with six operator modes and 40 preset algorithms, randomisation, and free librarian software.

A limited edition platinum version will also be available, boasting high end metallic finish with aluminium front panel and stainless steel side panels.

Expected to launch in September 2023, the opsix SE has an RRP of $1,999.99 while the SE Platinum woll retail for $2,199.99.

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