Korg updates SV-1 with black and retro look models [NAMM12]

Korg has updated its popular SV-1 vintage stage pianos with two new models.

The SV-1BK Black has an elegant matte black finish, while the limited edition SV-1RV features a bold red body and vintage reverse-colour keys that call to mind the classic combo organs of the 1960s and ‘70s.

Here’s a rundown of the feature set for that limited edition model.

  • Two phenomenal grand piano sounds – 1 European, 1 Japanese
  • Korg’s finest piano keyboard with Graded Hammer Action; 73 or 88 keys
  • Intuitive “LIVE” front panel with single-function knobs
  • 8 Easy-to-set car-radio style Favorites buttons
  • 36 coveted and in-demand piano & vintage keyboard sounds:
    Grand Pianos: Smooth European; Lively Japanese; Mono Grand (for live); etc.

    • Electric Pianos: Tine styles; Reed Types; Plucked Type; Clavs; etc.
    • Electronic Pianos: Korg SG-1D; Transistor; ‘80s synth; VPM styles; etc.
    • Organs: Tonewheels; USA Tube Console; Italian Combo; VOX
    • Keyboards: String Machine, Tape Strings, Synth Brass; etc.
    • Other: Piano + Layers; Real Strings; Real Choir, etc.
  • Valve Reactor 12AX7 tube-driven amp modeling (6 Models)
  • 6 Pre-FX; 6 Modulation FX; 6 Reverb Delays; 3-Band EQ
  • Stereo inputs / Stereo outputs ( all 1/4″)
  • XLR Stereo balanced stage/recording outputs
  • Headphone output
  • Includes damper pedal & music rack
  • Options: assignable footswitch; assignable footpedal;

Pricing and availability for these models to be confirmed.