Moog to end Voyager Old School production 2


Moog Music has announced that only 40 more Voyager Old School synthesizers will be built.

If you need some encouragement to go and get a first (or second) Voyager OS, take a look at what Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman has to say:

“Only Bob Moog could come up with a unique machine such as this. In the 70’s, the original Minimoog changed the face of music with it’s incredible sounds that were an absolute must for keyboard featured themes and solos, and the Voyager is no less than a 21st century equivalent.

My advice to anyone who has ever owned a Minimoog and loved it, is to go straight out and to buy a Voyager…and if you’re a keyboard player and have never had the pleasure of owning or playing a Minimoog…then go out and get a Voyager anyway, you will never regret it.

Quite simply it’s an absolute necessity for any keyboard rig, but has created a problem for me, as when I fall in love with something such as the Voyager, and also being the eccentric I am, I have found that I cannot be happy with just the one and will therefore be getting a second as soon as possible!”

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