MONOpulator 8 step sequencer/sampler/drum machine seeking funding

MONOpulator design

MONOpulator design

MONOpulator is an all-in-one four-track 8 step sequencer, sampler and a drum machine, currently seeking funding on Indiegogo.

Developer JD Sweet lays out the following features:

  • Place kick drums, snares, hi hats and crashes up to 8 positions each.
  • 200% pitch control to speed up or slow down Playback & Record speed.
  • 64 KHz sampling, up to 128 KHz Record/Playback speed with pitch control.

He claims it does more than currently available equipment, is in high demand from musicians and DJs, and will cost about 10% of the price of traditional units.

The funds (with a $25k goal) will be used to manufacture the units, with an estimated availability time of March 2014. At time of writing there are 60 days remaining on the fundraiser.

MONOpulator Indiegogo page