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RipX DAW claims first holistic AI approach for creating human-listenable mixes

Hit’n’Mix has announced the latest version of its RipX software is now a fully-fledged DAW with AI built right in to the workflow to aid in creating human-friendly results from automatically machine-generated content.

Claiming to be the first of its kind to provide “a truly holistic approach to cutting-edge AI music production processes”, it has been described by platinum selling songwriter Riley Knapp as:

“The output of most AI Music Generators is robotic, chaotic and usually unlistenable. This is due to the fact AI ‘samples’ contain elements that are out of key, out of time and don’t follow any musical structure. With RipX DAW, I am able to separate each sound within a generation, re-pitch and fine tune any elements, create a musical structure out of it and replace any subpar sounds with high quality sounds. RipX DAW’s unique ‘Edit-in-Mix’ workflow makes it possible to humanize AI Music.”

RipX DAW treats MIDI and audio as one entity, with the software replacing RipX DeepRemix, DeepCreate and DeepAudio modules with a standard and a pro version.

Standout features include audio separation and in-the-mix note and chord editor technology, meaning it’s possible to break down and customise output from AI music generators. The Pro version includes advanced stem and AI Music Generator clean-up, Audioshop sound manipulation tools, and other “pro-DAW” features such as harmonic-level sound editing, guitar slides and vocal embellishments, noise editing and unpitched sound. The DAW can also be controlled programmatically with Python scripting.

FL Studio recently launched its latest version with AI being utilised for stem separation and AI mastering, so there’s no doubt that things are hotting up in the established and emerging DAW spaces.


RipX DAW & RipX DAW PRO claim to be the only DAWs on the market to offer:

  • MIDI and audio ‘as one’ – no separate audio and MIDI tracks. Once MIDI and audio are inside RipX they are in Rip Audio format, and all features including editing and effects can be applied, no matter what.
  • 6+ tracks of stem/instrument separation each of which can be independently muted, soloed, extracted and adjusted.
  • Further separation of stems/instruments into fully editable notes, chords and unpitched sounds.
  • The ability to customize, clean-up, transform and rearrange ideas directly from AI Music Generators.
  • Sound blending and substitution – blend and replace instruments and sounds with different instruments and sounds to adapt and be creative with performances.
  • The world’s first audio separation sampler – rip your song into layers, add sounds from them to the Sounds Panel, then re-perform with a controller into a new or existing layer.
  • Advanced remixing capabilities even within ‘fixed’ stereo audio files.
  • Note and chord recognition to help musicians learn parts to songs.
  • A user-friendly, note-based interface – for transparent pitch/time-based editing and effects,with instant visual feedback.
  • Colour-coded notes and Layers used throughout to enable a clearer understanding of themusic and applied effects.
  • The ability to apply/randomize scales and keys of newly separated stems, all in one app.
  • One-click effects, sound replacement and Combo Effects – quick and easy to set-up, tweakand combine, versus stock DAW plugins and chained plugins.
  • Ripping of favorite VST3 instruments – to re-perform and manipulate in any way imaginable.
  • Unprecedented control over notes, harmonics, noise and unpitched sound usingAudioshop tools, the Harmonic Editor, Repair Panel and RipScript Python scripting.
  • The ability to import your own background images to set the mood – supported by very few DAWs.

21-day free trial of Pro, Black Friday sale until 7th December, and purchase options for both standard and pro versions can be found at the product website.