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ROBOTRON MIDI Controller from Viper Synths, Analog Looks

Viper Synths has announced the availability of its ROBOTRON MIDI controller module, which it tags as “modern power, vintage feel”. On the face of it, a modern MIDI controller has nothing whatsoever to do with analog synths but the vintage aesthetic is there for those who want something which looks the part and wouldn’t look out of place nestling among classic gear.

The ROBOTRON does use authentic knobs and potentiometers which have been used on Moog and Sequential Circuit synths, so you get a physical reminiscence in a fully modern MIDI controller.

The module is handmade in batches by David Jacopin, and claims to be a boutique device for the discerning hardware lover.


Flexible MIDI Assignment

By default the layout of ROBOTRON gives you the essential commands of pretty much every analog synths. It has 9 sections. Oscillators, mixer, filter, 2 enveloppes, a volume, LFO, a MIDI channel selector and the free to assign knobs.
You can map the controls to any parameter in your DAW, letting you control your VSTs as if they were true vintage hardware. 

Solid Metal Enclosure

The top panel is made of anodised aluminium with a beautiful brushing effect to it. The bottom is made of steel, powder coated in black.

Sapelli Wood Sides

Exotic Sapelli, often used on boats for its robustness and beautiful look. It is particularly prized for its lustrous iridescence. (Color and wood pattern may vary slightly depending on wood arrival.)

Original Moog Knobs

Bakelite knobs, extremely solid plastic which can resist extreme temperatures and chemicals. These have the same look and feel as classic Moog synthesizer controls. 

Sequential Circuits Knobs

High quality aluminium knobs, used on the legendaries Sequential Circuits instruments.

Vintage Style Buttons

Typical style from the 80s those buttons can be found on several Sequential Circuits synths.

Save Your Mappings

Save your mappings once and for all with the M4L plugin (download it here). ROBOTRON will be recognized automatically for each of your synths. Coming soon as a VST plugin for any DAW. 

With its 16 MIDI channel selection directly available on its panel, you can quickly switch from one instrument to another, without touching your DAW. You can also control all your hardware synths using the MIDI OUT of your computer.

  • 26 High Quality Potentiometers.
  • 8 Switches.
  • 100% Assignable.
  • 16 MIDI Channel Selection.
  • OLED Screen.
  • USB MIDI Compliant Plug & Play.


  • Dimensions: 39,5*25*7.5cm (15.5*10*3in).
  • Weight: 2.5kg.
  • 26 High Quality Potentiometers.
  • 8 Switches.
  • 20 Original Bakelite Moog Knobs.
  • 6 Sequential Circuits Knobs.
  • USB C Port.
  • 1 High Quality USB Cable
  • (USB-C to USB-A male).
  • Anodised Blue Aluminium Top Panel.
  • Black Powder Coated Steel Case.

Available for €490. Product page