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Roland intros new line of Atelier Organs: AT-800, AT-900, AT-900C

Roland has introduced three new organs in its Atelier series. The AT-800, AT-900, and AT-900C feature a new “Articulation Voice” sound set and proprietary SuperNATURAL technology, improving various sounds such as the Violin, Trombone, Cello, and Tenor Sax voices.

It also offers new physical Harmonic Bars provide authentic, hands-on control of expressive organ playing with new organ tone sets, plus there’s a built-in D BEAM infrared controller which allows extra expressive control by passing your hand over it.

The flagship AT-900 offers the stately beauty of an impeccably crafted organ console. Crafted in America from seasonal natural wood, this organ is the genuine article.

Roland Atelier Organ

The AT-900C is similarly gorgeous and stately, but this smaller unit is portable enough to be taken on the road. The contemporary, streamlined cabinet design combines an elegant Polished Cherry finish with eye-catching silver accents. Specially equipped XLR outputs facilitate professional setups for concert performances.

The AT-800 model offers a beautifully crafted cabinet finished in natural wood, a softly lit control panel and an advanced sound source. AT-800 ATELIER organ provides an outstanding organ playing experience at an affordable price.

All organs feature upper and lower key sets, both offering ten levels of initial touch, with the lower keys also having aftertouch capability. They all have an impressive maximum polyphony of 384 voices, at least 25 key pedalboard, expression and damper pedals, and 450 voices, drum and percussion voices.

For ease of operation, there’s a large colour backlit LCD screen, and a whole host of audio, video and computer connectors.