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Roland claims that its latest digital piano pushes the boundaries of realism far beyond that of existing sample-based digital pianos thanks to new “from scratch” technology that can be easily and creatively adjusted in real time to suit a pianist’s needs.

Rather than simply sampling real acoustic pianos, Roland created piano sounds from scratch. This means that, while sample-based pianos are effectively limited to what was initially sampled (with some effect variation), the V-Piano is far less restricted.


The V-Piano is able to emulate the characteristics of various pianos (American and European, for example), can handle detuning and variations in string construction, resonance and more, as well as only affecting a predefined “sweet spot” across the keyboard if desired, thus affording the player a great amount of flexibility.

Specs wise, there are 264 tone-producing virtual strings, 128 notes of polyphony, 24 preset tones and 100 user-definable tones, a whole host of editing parameters including Unison Tune, Hammer Hardness, Cross Resonance, Tone Color, String Resonance, Damper Resonance, Soundboard Resonance, Key off resonance, Damping Time, and Damping Noise Level, and three pedal inputs.

Take a look at the following four demo videos, produced by Roland, which give a much better demonstration of the product (Quicktime required):





Pricing and availability to be confirmed.

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