Scotch Box Synthesizer effects [VIDEO]

Here are the “special effects” on my Scotch Box Synthesizer.

Demonstrated first is the capacitor; where one button produces sounds from it draining and the other from it charging. Then is the “Special effects Generator” which produces a rhythmic effect. Then the “Stepped Tone Generator” or “Atari Punk Console” which creates arpeggios from the input tone. Give it a high note and you’ll get lots of results. Give it a low note and you’ll just get one or two. Last up is a riff based on a combination of the capacitor and “Atari Punk Console.” The riff is a happy accident I created late one night; and I hope many more happy accidents are waiting.

Every circuit on this contraption is based on designs by Forest Mims III, who writes books for beginning electronic enthusiasts. Check out his Wikipedia entry, you’ll be amazed.