Here are various videos showing leading musicians, demonstrations of instruments, and other musical fare.

Get our occasional newsletter... – Alesis Andromeda A6 synthesizer demo — playing ambient electronica soundscape / chillout drone / space music using a custom sequencer pattern. This performance starts out with a catchy repeating motif, followed by live improvisation ending with a nice sustained drone and live fadeout. This […]

Alesis Andromeda A6 – Synth Demo – Ambient sequencer / ...

It’s not at all surprising someone has rigged this up, but I haven’t personally seen it before. A great use for those old floppy disk drives and disks you (might still) have lying around. Get our occasional newsletter... Got an interesting musical/synth use for old computer parts? Share in the […]

Video: Floppy music DUO – Imperial march

1’s Anthony Dhanendran (from Computeractive) has reviewed the online music tutorials web site, which offers musicians the chance to learn how to play the authentic instrument lines from popular songs directly from the band’s musician. Get our occasional newsletter... The service offers three levels of video: for £4 (around […] interesting but limited piano tutorials from star musicians