interesting but limited piano tutorials from star musicians 1’s Anthony Dhanendran (from Computeractive) has reviewed the online music tutorials web site, which offers musicians the chance to learn how to play the authentic instrument lines from popular songs directly from the band’s musician.

The service offers three levels of video: for £4 (around $8) you get a full ten- to fifteen-minute video featuring the artist explaining the track, working through the track on the instrument, and then showing the music video and note guides in split screen mode.

For £3 ($6) a non-celebrity tutor hosts the video, while the lite version (£2/$4) offers just the chords and video tutorial, with no other commentary.

Unsurprisingly, of the 300 video tutorials currently available, there’s not a huge number to choose from for pianists. That’s probably because the piano is not as prominent as guitar or bass, and a synth line would probably be too complicated to create a short tutorial for.

In general, it looks like a good site, and as they add more songs and artists, hopefully pianists will be a little better served.

Good potential.

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