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KORG DW-8000 Synthesizer 1985 | HD DEMO | PATCHES [VIDEO]

(c) 2013 by AnalogAudio1

Synthesizer demo of the vintage synthesizer Korg DW-8000 from 1985.

In this movie I play some of my own sounds – no additional effects or EQ were used. The intro track is a multitrack recording of DW-8000 sounds.

The Korg DW-8000 is an expanded version of the DW-6000. It is 8 voice polyphonic, has digital waveforms and analog resonant filters. Velocity sensitive keyboard. It has a built in digital delay and a really good arpeggiator, which can be synced via MIDI.

The Sound Programs in this Movie:

Do you own a Korg DW-8000 or EX-8000 and want to get those fantastic sounds for your synth?

The brandnew “ANALOGAUDIO1 DW-8000 PATCH BANK” costs 12,99 Euros and includes 64 great patches – warm analog pads, hybrid pads, percussive sounds, leads, fat basses, and sequencer sounds (in one word: all you hear in the video and some more).

As an experienced synth player and composer I created these patches for professional use. This patchbank gets the most out of your Korg DW-8000. Also included is a patch list (PDF), to find the right sounds quickly. The sounds are not available anywhere else.

The patchbank will work with a DW-8000 or EX-8000, but NOT with the DW-6000. For the DW-6000 I created a different patch bank.

After payment through PayPal you will get the patchbank as a sound file (wav) for the tape interface of your DW-8000 and a patchlist via email.

If you want to buy the “ANALOGAUDIO1 DW-8000 PATCHBANK”, send me a message through YouTube (and check your spam folder, I answer quickly).