Scott Tucker debut jazz piano album to be free release

Scott Tucker debut jazz piano album cover

Scott Tucker debut jazz piano album cover

Jazz pianist Scott Tucker is set to release his self-titled debut in February, launching it online for free as a series of MP3 audio tracks from his own website and via torrents (a mechanism for sharing files between Internet-connected computers).

Jazz pianist Scott Tucker announces that his debut album caters to fans of classic bebop and hard bop, but mxies respect for the past with a strong awareness of modern jazz. The album will be available through Tucker’s own label Moon Reach Jazz. It will feature a number of jazz standards, as well as several original compositions.

According to Tucker, the album is an effort to modernise classic bebop and hard bop.

“My favourite music to play is hard bop,” says Scott Tucker, “But it just doesn’t make sense to be stuck sixty years in the past, and that’s not what jazz is about, so this album is about bebop played through the filter of everything that’s happened in the world over the past fifty or sixty years. Bebop is the core of this album, but listeners will find modal jazz, fusion, funk and hip hop all mixed in there.”

Tucker stated that in addition to original compositions, jazz fans will find plenty of songs they already know on the album, including “Mr. P.C.”, “Take The A Train”, and “Full Count”.

“I had to play ‘Un Poco Loco’ on my debut album,” Scott Tucker reported, “because as a pianist the music I play probably wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for Bud Powell.”

Tucker said that there really was “no other way” but to offer his music for free, at least initially. “The financial rewards are secondary and I have no doubt that they will come as my fan base grows,” he said.