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Steinway unveils Noé limited edition in three beautiful colours

Steinway has announced another collaboration to produce a strictly limited edition grand piano in three different colours. Designed by French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, already acclaimed for his furniture and interior designs, this is a departure into the world of fine musical instruments.

The Noé Limited Edition Steinway grand pianos are handcrafted in Hamburg, featuring captivating, flowing 1shapes, with round, metal legs and the usual elegance of the grand piano body.


Three colours evoke France, as one might expect: Ivory White, Deep Burgundy Red, and Midnight Blue.

Ivory White

Lustrous ivory white finish is combined with exquisite figured sycamore — with its typical fine grain — to create a light, delicate, and even playful instrument. The sheen of the silver-colored cast-iron plate contrasts with the radiant chrome of the lyre and the fittings.

Deep Burgundy Red

Deep, glowing burgundy red and red stained Indian apple come together in an instrument exuding warmth and elegance. The understated gold color of the cast-iron plate and lyre is complemented by satin brass fittings.

Midnight Blue

Stunning, glossy midnight blue paired with the subtlest blue-stain mahogany wood grain make this instrument a true eye-catcher. A discreet silver-colored cast-iron plate, the elegant lyre and dazzling chrome fittings compete its sophisticated look.

Spirio | r

All grand pianos of the Noé Limited Edition are equipped with Spirio | r, the world’s finest high resolution player piano technology capable of live performance capture and playback. Seamlessly integrated into the instrument, this feature opens new dimensions to the experience of playing in the home, enabling recording and editing of performances, connectivity for sharing your music, and a playback quality that is precise and nuanced.

Worldwide, Steinway & Sons Noé Limited Edition comprises only 18 Model D-274 concert grands and 88 Model B-211 pianos.

Price? We won’t even ask.

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