Theremin and piano meet: Masami Takeuchi album

Theremin Vox Collection Volume 1 by Masami Takeuchi

Theremin Vox Collection Volume 1 by Masami Takeuchi

Masami Takeuchi has announced an album of theremin music: “Theremin Vox Collection Vol.1”.

It combines the sounds of acoustic piano and the Gordin Masazane theremin, which his own company produces.

“The Gordin Masazane can produce sound by either oscillators or traditional heterodyning and also includes waveshaping features more commonly found on analog synthesizers, such as a resonant filter.”

Samples are available on SoundCloud or head over to Masami’s website to purchase from late January 2014.

The page (originally in Japanese) also suggests the album will be available via iTunes.

The track list (as translated by Google, so may not be wholly accurate):

  • “Caro Mio Ben (Caro Mio Ben)”
  • “Please cry (I Lascia Chio Pianga)”
  • “Song of (Londonderry Londonderry Air)”
  • “iso supply grief”
  • “Kojonotsuki”
  • “Samson et Dalila (Samson and Delilah)”
  • “Ombra mai fu (Ombra Mai marks)”
  • “(Come Back to Sorrento) Torna a Surrient”
  • “Je te veux (Ju remote Vu)”
  • “Largo from the New World (the road home)”
  • “(evening prayer)” Evening Prayer