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KORG KAOSS Replay dynamic effect/sampler launched

KORG announces its flagship KAOSS Replay, a self-contained performance tool serving as a combined solution for musicians, performers and producers. It features unparalleled KAOSS Pad and Effects, expanded sample playback and sampling capabilities, plus intuitive and precise DJ controls. It’s designed as a standalone unit which can be used without the needs for any other equipment, if so desired.

The unit is powered by USB-C and is designed to let musicians, particularly those performing live, swift setup and control with minimal distractions. It has an advanced sample and playback system, with 128 sample slots (16 pads x 8 banks) for each of up to 100 projects.

It is built in a rugged aluminium body, is sleek and minimal and is ultra-portable.

128 new KAOSS FX rang from practical filters, delays and reverbs to imaginative and exhilarating modulation effects, loopers, vocoders, and synth effects. There’s also vocal effects including correction and pitch tuning.

The XY pad offers dynamic and precise control over sounds and settings. Effects can be automated and transitions are made smoothly. The KAOSS Replay also has a dedicated microphone input to aid in sampling and performance.

Features which make this a great tool for DJs include precise beat-matching, playback quantisation, hot cues, monitoring and dual faders.

Not only does the unit have plenty of onboard functions but it can also be used as a worthy MIDI controller thanks to its flexible MIDI Surface mode. It can also function as a USB audio interface.


Kaoss Pad Effect: 128 types
Effect exclusive for microphone: TONE, DELAY, REVERB
Max. number of projects: 100
Trigger pad: 16 (supports velocity) × eight banks
Hot cue: Max. 12 (per trigger pad)
Number of simultaneous plays: 16
Audio specifications: Linear PCM (48 kHz/16 bits)
Recording functions: Sampling, resampling * Max. 30 min. LIVE REC * Max. 100 min.
Audio input: LINE/PHONO IN jack: RCA pin jack (Select LINE or PHONO.) / PHONO GAIN switch (LO/HI) / MIC IN jack: Standard phone jack (? 6.3 mm, monaural TS) / * Exclusive for Dynamic Microphone / AUX IN jack: Stereo mini jack (? 3.5 mm) / * Mix directly to LINE OUT.
Audio output: LINE OUT jack: RCA pin jack / HEADPHONES jack: Standard stereo phone jack (? 6.3 mm)
Controller input: FOOT SW jack: Standard phone jack (? 6.3 mm, TS) / * Connect the optional PS-1 or PS-3.
USB jack: microB (MIDI, Audio (IN x 2ch, OUT x 34ch (48 kHz/16 bits, You need to install the KORG KaossReplay Audio Driver in the Windows environment.)
MIDI jack: IN/OUT (DIN 5pin) and the MIDI function are exclusive to the USB jack (IN x 1 port, OUT x 1 port).
External storage: microSD card, microSDHC card (32GB Max) / * Class10 or higher, UHS-I (U1) recommended (However, this does not guarantee operations with all cards.)
Product dimensions: 185?W?×284?D?×56?H?mm
Product weight: 2.0 kg * Excluding microSD card and AC adapter.
Power supply: DC 5V/3A
Accessories: Owner’s manual (Quick Start Guide) / AC adapter / USB cable (Type A to microB, 1 m) / microSDHC Card (inserted into the microSD card slot of the main body at time of shipment.)

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