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Ultimate Collection of Synth, Keyboard and Piano Tees

You love your piano or synth, right? But what else can you do to show your appreciation apart from playing it (naturally), taking it on gigs and talking to everyone about the latest pieces of music you’re playing or sounds you’ve created?

Wear a themed T-shirt of course!

We present the ultimate list of piano, keyboard and synth-inspired short-sleeved tops for your pleasure.

We’ve set the bar rather high by calling our list “ultimate”. Call us out on this one — if you’ve seen or designed an amazing (relevant) tee, let us know.

Now go, adorn.

Playable Tees

Who said that tee-shirts had to be merely printed? Here are two designs that can be played. We’re thinking you might get into a spot of trouble if you try to play someone else’s tee, particularly if they’re female, but if you’re wearing this yourself, feel free to prod away at your chest.

Electronic Music Synthesizer Shirt

Synthesizer Battery Operated Keyboard Design

Synth Designs

Red Synthesizer Filter Shirt

Keyboard: Vintage Synthesizer: 3D Model

Vintage Keyboards: 3D Model

If you really have this many synths you may not have any money left to buy this tee-shirt. Unless you’re Rick Wakeman.

The Moog T-Shirt

Robots Are the Future, apparently.

Puppetbox Synthesizer Logo

Some nice knobs going on this three-octave beauty.

Filter Tee Shirt

Frequency, resonance, mod depth. What more could you ask for on your chest?

Moog T-Shirts

Grungy Moog goodness.

Danger Synth Shirt

Perhaps the owner has been circuit bending. I’ve never touched a synth and received a bodily injury, but there could be a first time.

Keyboards != Coasters T-Shirt

’nuff said. If you’ve been there, you know.

Colorful Synthesizer Tee Shirts

It is. Synthesizer.

I Love Distorted Synths

Distortion rules.

Analog Synthesizer Tee

Nice bit of generic synth action and ’80s style futuristic writing on this one.

Schematic of Moog Synthesizer Tee-Shirt

Now you know why nerds keep staring at your chest and smirking.

Modularman Scarab Synthesizer T-Shirt

Weird beastie connected up to a load of synth inputs and outputs. Freaky.

Roland TB-303 Acid Synth Tee-Shirt

303. Unmistakeable.

Korg Originals

Korg MS20

This long-coveted patchable mono-synth has been used by cutting edge and retro artists for decades, and was the first Korg synthesizer to be re-created in software in the Korg Legacy Collection. The shirt features a popular 1970s Korg sticker design featuring one way-cool dude, jamming away on the legendary MS-20.

Korg Trident

The first polyphonic and programmable synthesizer from Korg first turned heads in 1980. Since then, musicians have searched far and wide for their own vintage Trident. With additional string and brass sections, this instrument was three synths in one, hence the Trident name! Taken directly from the original owner’s manual, this design captures all the fun of this VCO, VFO, and LFO-equipped legend.

Korg Mono/Poly

Travel back to 1982 with this old-school Mono/Poly design. This massively fat sounding, four-oscillator lead synth is still coveted by collectors and performers today. The vintage cream colored shirt features the original Mono/Poly logo, dressed up with an “era-appropriate” treatment.

Korg Doncamatic

This style pays tribute to Korg’s very first product—the Doncamatic! First used in a Japanese night club in 1963, the Doncamatic started it all! This artwork is lifted directly from the extremely rare Doncamatic product manual, complete with Japanese text!

Piano Designs

Keyboard vs Piano T-Shirt

I really couldn’t choose.

Embroidered Piano T-Shirt

Cute little neon embroidered grand piano icon.

Piano T-Shirt – No Problem

88 keys – 10 fingers – no problem.

Piano T-Shirt

Grand piano and manuscript music.

Zebra Piano Tee-Shirt

It had to happen. Zebra goes piano.

Piano Text T-Shirt

Simply ‘piano’.

Eat, Sleep, Play Piano Tee

If only there were more hours in the day.

Short Broken Piano Tee

I’m not a fan of smashing up piano keyboards, but this design is kinda cool.

Pianos and Cats

I’m not sure what it is about pianos and cats, but it would be remiss of me not to include a few here.

Game Over Cat on Keyboard Tee-Shirt

Very 8-bit retro video game cat. (Were there ever any video games featuring cats?)

Three Keyboard Cat Moon T-Shirt

Three cats, bathed in moonlight, luxuriating by a piano.

Keyboard Cat Tee

Yes. A keyboard cat.

So there you have it. Perhaps not quite ultimate… yet. Show us your favorites.