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Where can I download a manual for my music keyboard or digital piano?

Have you bought a keyboard or digital piano second hand, or otherwise mislaid the original manual?

Fear not, because with just a little searching online, you can most likely find it.

Manufacturers are generally fairly happy to allow manuals to be downloaded — after all, they’re pretty useless without the original hardware (unlike software manuals which can be used with illegal copies).

The links below should help you find most current and legacy instruments from the major manufacturers. For copyright reasons, we can’t host the manuals here, but we believe the links are good. If you find any broken ones, do let us know.

Select a manufacturer name below to jump to that section on this page:

Access | Akai | Alesis | Casio | Kawai | Korg | Kurzweil | M-Audio | Moog | Nord | Novation | Roland | Waldorf | Yamaha


The Access Download Section features a range of manuals and tutorials for Access equipment including Virus TI, Virus TI2, Virus A, Virus B and Virus C. There are also a number of free video tutorials on the site.

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Visit the Akai Documents and Downloads Section for a range of manuals and other resources for current and legacy products including Akai synths, MPC series, drum machines and MIDI/USB controllers.

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Visit the Alesis Documents and Downloads Section for a range of manuals and other resources for various Alesis products including Fusion 6HD and 8HD, ion, micron, micron se, NanoBass, NanoPiano, NanoSynth, Photon 25, Photon X25, Q25, Q49, QS series and QuadraSynth Plus, plus drum machines and electronic percussion.

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Check out Casio’s alphabetical list of musical instruments to find manuals and other downloads for your particular Casio digital piano, synth or keyboard.

Quite a lot of Casio’s keyboards from the 1970s and 1980s aren’t readily available on the official site, but gen.error has created a great archive of Casio keyboard manuals including the Casiotone/CT series, MT series, PT series, SA series, SK series and VL-Tone series.

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The Kawai Owner’s Manuals section offers downloadable manuals for digital pianos (Concert Artist Series, CN Series, PN Series, MP Stage Pianos, ES Portable Digital Pianos, Hybrid Pianos), ensemble pianos (Concert Performer Series, KSP Series, PV Series), synths (K Series, SX Synths, MIDI controllers), sound modules, sequencers and drum machines (ACR, DRP, R Series), personal keyboards (FS Series, X Series, MS Series) and organs (KL, SR, XR, DX).

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Korg’s Support Pages make it easy to select the product, including a huge range of current and legacy Korg keyboards and modules.

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The Kurzweil Download section lets you see at a glance which products have downloadable material.

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The M-Audio manual download section lets you select the product category and item to see which manuals are available.

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Unfortunately Moog does not appear to have an official manual download service on its service web site. If you find one, let us know.

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The Nord Download Section provides a range of material for its products, including the Nord C1 and C2 Organs, Electro 2/3, Nord Lead/Lead 2/Lead 2X/Lead 3, Nord Micro Modular, Nord Modular/Modular G2, Nord Pedal Keys 27, Nord Piano, Nord Stage Classic, Nord Stage EX, and Nord Wave.

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The Novation Download Section offers manuals and software for its various current and legacy synths and modules including Nocturn, V-Station, ReMote SL Compact, KS4/5, A-Station, K-Station and X-Station.

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The Roland Product Manual Section provides an alphabetical list of products so it’s simply a matter of scrolling through the appropriate index page.

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To view manuals for Waldorf products, you need to visit the Waldorf Music web site, hover your mouse over “Archive” on the top menu bar, then “Hardware” below, then find the piece of kit you want to find the manual for. You’ll be taken to a page with information and resources for that hardware, and if a manual is available you can download it from there.

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Most of Yamaha‘s country web sites have downloads available in a variety of languages for current instruments, but if you’re looking for the most complete, official archive, you’ll do well to visit the Yamaha Manual Library at Yamaha’s Global Gateway.

You can search by model name or browse the product categories, including Clavinovas and other digital pianos, electronic keyboards such as the PortaTone and PortaSound range, synths, electronic organs, and electronic drums.

Not all manuals are available but there’s a very good selection available of both full product manuals and supplementary documentation.

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