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Behringer EDGE analog semi-modular percussion synth launched

Behringer announces the availability of the EDGE analog semi-modular percussion synthesiser featuring two oscillators, multi-mode filter, dual 8-step sequencer and 16-voice poly chain.

Touted as the perfect companion to the CRAVE, it claims to be a powerful and flexible drum & bass machine packed with features and functions.

Behringer has “revived timeless analog designs and technologies” while “taking a fresh and modern approach on classic circuits”, and has a pure analog signal path, dual VCOs with pulse and triangle waves, oscillator sync and FM plus white/pink noise source. It also has a dual 8-step sequencer with pitch and velocity controls, including the ability to go up to 10,000BPM (if you really ever need such a thing).

Controls include a multi-mode 24 dB resonant ladder filter with a low and high-pass filter and three separate decay envelopes for pitch, filter cutoff and amplitude for detailed control. It also features a 15x 10 I/O matrix for incredibly vast and flexible patching options. The matrix includes inputs for Control Voltages, Decay, Trigger, Velocity, Noise Level, External Audio Sources, Tempo, Modulation and more.

The EDGE has 44 controls to give you direct and real-time access to all important parameters, all laid out in a highly intuitive format that puts the fun back in to your beat creation. Input and output connections include MIDI In, MIDI Out/Thru, USB, OSC 1 CV, OSC 2 CV, OSC Decay, ADV/CLOCK, Trigger, Velocity, Noise Level, 1-2FM AMT, EXT AUDIO, Tempo, Play/Stop, VCF MOD, VCF Decay, VCA CV and Pitch. An external MIDI keyboard, footswitch or expression pedal can be connected to the EDGE so you can have even more control over your beats and basslines. If one EDGE isn’t enough for you, you can chain multiple EDGE’s for more intricate combinations.

Specification as follows:

Synthesizer Architecture

Number of voicesMonophonic
VCF1 HP/LP 4-pole (-24dB/Oct) ladder filter
Envelope1 per VCO, 1 VCA decay, 1 VCF
NoiseWhite, pink


Power inputDC input connector
Power switchPush button on / off
USB (MIDI)USB 2.0, type B
MIDI In / Out /Thru2 x 5-pin DIN / 16 channels
OutputVCA output: 3.5 mm TS, unbalanced, max +14.5 dBu
Headphones3.5 mm TRS, max. 450uW @ 64 ?
Headphones output impedance470 ?
Type3.5 mm TS
OSC 1 CV-5 V to +5 V
OSC 2 CV-5 V to +5 V
OSC decay-5 V to +5 V
ADV/clockmore than 3.2 V (10 V max)
Trigger0 to +5 V Pulse or Gate signal (+10 V max)
Velocity0 V to 5 V
Noise level0 V to 8 V
1-2FM AMT0 V to 8 V
Ext audio10 V max
Tempo-5 V to +5 V
Play/stopmore than 3.2 V (10 V max)
VCF mod-5 V to +5 V
VCF decay-5 V to +5 V
VCA CV0 V to 8 V
VCA decay-5 V to +5 V


Type3.5 mm TS
OSC 1± 5 V
OSC 2± 5 V
OSC EG0 V to 8 V
Trigger0 to +5V Pulse
Velocity0 to +5V
Pitch± 5 V
VCF EG0 V to 8 V
VCA EG0 V to 8 V


TypeClass compliant USB 2.0, type B
Supported operating systemsWindows 10 or higher / Mac OS X 10.14 or higher

Oscillator (VCO) 1 Section

ControlsFrequency ± 5 octave (10 octave range)Envelope: -5 to +5Level: 0 to 10EG (VCO 1&2) decay 0 to 10
SwitchesShape: pulse, triangleSeq pitch mod: osc 1&2, off, osc 2

Oscillator (VCO) 2 Section

ControlsFrequency ± 5 octave (10 octave range)
Envelope: -5 to +5
Level: 0 to 10
1-2 FM amt 0- 100%
SwitchesShape: pulse, triangle
Hard sync on/off

Noise Section

ControlsNoise/ext 0-100%
SwitchColor: pink/white

Output (VCA) Section

ControlsDecay 0 to 10
Volume: 0 to 10
SwitchVCA mode: fast/slow

Filter (VCF) Section

ControlsCutoff frequency: 0 to 10 (20 Hz – 20 kHz)
Resonance: 0 to 10
Decay: 0 to 10
Envelope : -5 to +5
Noise/VCF MOD: 0 to 10
SwitchVCF: HP/LP


ControlsTempo 0% – 100%
Scale 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/4T, 1/8T, 1/16T, 1/32T
8 Pitch controls ± 5 V
8 Velocity controls 0 to 5 V
SwitchClock: MIDI, USB, INT/EXT
LEDActive step indication
ButtonsTrigger, play/stop, Advance

Power Requirements

External power adapter12 V DC 1000 mA
Power consumption4 W max
IndicatorPower LED

Available now priced at around $199.