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Behringer PRO VS MINI 4-voice hybrid synth launches

Along with the JT-4000 MICRO comes Behringer’s PRO VS MINI 4-voice hybrid synthesiser featuring four morphing oscillators per voice, analog low-pass filter, 16-step sequencer and arpeggiator.

It’s a recreation of the Prophet VS synth, but in a portable form factor. Hardware includes 27 touch sensitive capacitive touch keys plus a joystick oscillator knob. On board is 128 waveforms, arpeggiator, four oscillators, 16-step sequencer, studio-grade chorus, individual envelopes for filter, amplifier and oscillator plus two LFOs.

The joystick allows for some interesting sounds to be easily created which may be more difficult with other devices.

Specifications are as follows:

Synthesizer Architecture

Number of voices4 Voice
TypeHybrid architecture
Oscillators16 Vector oscillators
VCFAnalog Low-Pass Filter


Power switch Push button on/of
MIDI In5-pin DIN / 16 channels
Headphones3.5 mm TRS, stereo,max. 5 mW 32 ?
Sync Input and Output


Supported Operating SystemsWindows 7 or higherMac OS X 10.10 or higher


ControlVolume: 0 to 10

Control Section

SwitchesProg ±/ / octave ±


Capacity3 patterns

LFO Section

ControlsLFO RateAmount
SwitchesLFO 1 / 2

Oscillator Section

ControlsWaveform selectDetune
SwitchesWaveform select

Chorus Section


Sequencer Section

Capacity16 steps, 16 patterns
SwitchesMemory writeFunctionPlay/activeRecord/erase

Analog Filter Section

ControlsCutoffResonanceR1/Attack (filter, amplifier, oscillator)R2/Decay (filter, amplifier, oscillator)R3/Sustain (filter, amplifier, oscillator)R4/Release (filter, amplifier, oscillator)

Keyboard and Controls

JoystickWaveform mix
Keyboard27, capacitive touch

Power Requirements

Mains connectorMicro USB
IndicatorPower LED

Pricing and availability to be confirmed.