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Acoustic & Electronic Instruments, Musicians, News, Tutorials, Videos & Interesting Finds

blöcks drawing-based sequencer and percussion synth launched

I always like seeing interesting new ways of making music, rhythms and the like. I’m not sure I can fully get my head around blöcks though it does look like fun and with some cool ways of manipulating sounds, notes and effects.

The basic premise is the block and connector system, where different types of block are connected together in order to function at the same time, or have ratchets attached to enable repeats. Different coloured blocks are used for pitch/type of percussion, filtering phase distortion, modulation, and spatialiser/rhythmic delay. Each coloured block is tied to an 8-step sequencer.

The overview gives the following clues as to use:

  • connect, hold or ratchet blocks on desired step
  • store patterns as ableton presets
  • use eight 8-step corresponding color sequencers to automate synth parameters
  • control sound of percussion with punch and sustain
  • blend between kick, hi-hat, percussion sounds
  • add high-pass or low-pass resonant filters
  • use phase-distortion and increase feedback to make it more aggressive
  • apply ring or amp modulation
  • process the sound through comb-filter to add a spatialize effect
  • add rythmic delay with ability to change timing at each step
  • use midi map to control external devices
  • run separate midi sequencer version to use it with other synths

The demo video starts to give ideas as to how this might be used. Really it’s going to come down to installing the sequencer and experimenting and playing with it to see what it could do for you.

Find out more on the product page.