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Jomox launches Mod FM 8-voice Eurorack synth

Two or so years after first showing it off, German synth maker Jomox has announced the availability of its Mod FM self-contained 8-voice FM synth in Eurorack format.

It offers up four operators and 2 LFOs/VCOs per voice, plus two analog filters and analog VCAs per voice for applying analog warmth and depth. Each voice has its own CV/Gate inputs and an individual output, plus there’s a mix output which separates odd and even voices. Internal effects such as delay and reverb can mixed into the stereo output signal.

Other connections include MIDI in and out, and USB-C connection which can also be used for MIDI.

Jomox says that the Mod FM will produce extremely good sounding, metallic FM sounds, snappy basses and soft, deep analog-style sounds even without doing a lot of additional modular setups. However, it also offers a variety of external CV modulations allowing manipulation of each individual operator or FM envelopes.

The Mod FM is fully multitimbral, i. e. each voice can play an own sound in Multi Mode which gets stored as a complete multi set (not only vectorized). That is, you can copy a single sound to the desired multi, but editings made on that particular multi get stored along with the multi set.


  • 8 voices fully multi timbral FM synth
  • 4 operators per voice
  • Full modulation matrix / 26 algorithms
  • 2 LFO/VCOs per voice
  • CV/Gate per voice
  • CV modulation inputs per operator
  • Outputs for each voice plus mix out
  • True audio FM modulation inputs
  • True analog filters per voice
  • 24db low pass
  • 12dB multimode LP/BP/HP cont. shape
  • True analog VCAs per voice
  • Midi TRS type A
  • USB C devic
  • eDigital reverb, 2x stereo delay
  • Full storeability, also CV amounts
  • 128 presets, 118 multi sets
  • 2x 128x64px OLED displays

Power consumption:

  • +12V: 370mA max.
  • -12V: 170mA max.
  • Total power: 6,5W


  • Size: 56 HP = 284mm 
  • Height: 3 RU = 129mm
  • Depth: 40mm

See the product page for much more information on how the unit works, and to hear demo tracks made using it.