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Acoustic & Electronic Instruments, Musicians, News, Tutorials, Videos & Interesting Finds

Daily Roundup 10 Feb 2022: GAIKA War Island, Moog Music GIANTS, Prophet-5 Tutorial, Tangerine Dream on Minimoog…

GAIKA – War Island industrial soundscapes sound pack

Spitfire Audio has announced the availability of its GAIKI War Island sounds pack offering

multidimensional, evolving sounds from the beating heart of London’s industrial underground. Featuring harsh bassy synth drones, tape-processed drums, pads, leads and warped vocal effects, these expansive sounds are abundantly complex by virtue of GAIKA’s unique and sophisticated processing techniques — made accessible, intuitive and interactive through Spitfire Audio’s dynamic, award-winning plug-in. 

Inspired by the sounds of GAIKA’s youth and developed over a number of years, these visceral, abstract environments are inundated with the distinctive buzz of an ever-changing and perceptibly dystopian London, offering a fresh creative lens not only for experimental producers, but composers looking for cutting edge sounds to enhance their scores.

A sophisticated yet easy-to-use library of colossal range, these rich, complex sounds have been meticulously curated, deconstructed and developed from a range of analog synths, hardware and experimental processing techniques by GAIKA and producer and sound designer, Felix Lee. The library offers eight controls, a key feature being the dynamics fader, taking you from the reverberant quality of the processed signal up to the immediate direct impact of the original recording, offering significant creative control. To create this processed signal, every sample was played back through a massive sound system in a large acoustic space at London’s Somerset House, and re-recorded, in order to create space and depth around each sound and provide a new expansive and cinematic perspective.

Capturing the intense, industrial quality of GAIKA’s particular sonic world, this comprehensive toolkit is inspired by sounds GAIKA heard growing up in South London – conjuring its rich cultural backdrop of idiosyncratic musical styles, from gothic hip hop to soundsystem culture and classical tendencies as well as retro-futuristic influences, to produce a range of intense, abstract atmospheres resonating with earth-shattering depth — developed amidst the dystopian backdrop of London in lockdown and a result of being forced to reflect on the state of the city in the wider context of the world.


42 presets, split into 6 sections

  • Pads (5) Moody, metallic, and heavy darkwave synth drones made from a range of analog synths including Matrix 6, Matrix 12, JP 8000, Lyra 6 and countless others
  • Basses (7) Known for massive, jaw-dropping, villainous bass, GAIKA provides a crunchy low-end to complement the nuance of this idiosyncratic sound domain
  • Leads (12)Manipulated and processed tones conjure a dystopian backdrop whilst providing infinite capabilities for layering your unique sonic footprint
  • Atmosphere (7) Capturing a unique air of disquiet and metropolitan malaise, these blissfully discordant offerings set up an unsettling atmosphere
  • Drums (6) Punchy, layered drums made from old school drum machines with extensive processing, to create dance, rap and techno sensibilities within a classical framework to achieve vast rhythmic possibilities
  • Vocals (5) Inspired by jungle music, these glitchy and melodic vocal samples capture the dystopian sound of a retro yet modern urban landscape
  • Presented in Spitfire Audio’s award-winning, dedicated plugin — compatible with any DAW
  • 8 controls, providing a wealth of complex sonic possibilities : Expression, Dynamics (processed signal), Reverb, Attack, Release, Chorus, Flanger and Phaser— engineered to offer a wide range of detailed sound-sculpting possibilities within a single patch, so it sounds like you
  • The dynamics slider controls an in-built processed signal, curated by GAIKA, starting with the space of the processed signal, and fading to the intensity of the original dry recording as you push the fader up
  • Seven bespoke IR reverbs, from Kiln to Church Balcony
  • Velocity sensitive for varying tones

Visit the plug in page.

Moog Music GIANTS documentary series

Moog Music has created a documentary which shares untold stories from some of the most important artists and innovators in modern music history. GIANTS features interviews, original music and visuals, exploring how electronic music has evolved and been a significant part of their lives.

The first instalment of GIANTS focuses on Herbert Deutsch, the co-inventor of the Moog modular synthesiser.

“The artists in this series have left an indelible impact on electronic music history and culture, and their contributions have pushed the artform and industry forward,” Moog Music said.

“They are the “giants” whose shoulders we stand on—the pioneers who propelled synthesisers and analog instruments into the mainstream many years ago.”

Available for all to watch on Moog Music’s YouTube channel.

Prophet~5 Tutorial: Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Japan

I had an opportunity to borrow a vintage Prophet~5 rev3.2 for a short while and, as I’ve done lots of videos on the Prophet, I thought I’d take the opportunity to create a tutorial showing three of my favourite uses of this classic synth.

Making an album in 2022, old school 80s style | Hardware MIDI sequencing and synthesizers

Making an album, 80s old school style with the Roland MC-500 sequencer, Oberheim Matrix-12, Prophet VS, Juno-106 and Korg EX-800. Check out my workflow process as I arrange the songs and hook up the gear needed to multi track these to analog tape. This is a work in progress of one of the tracks and a glimpse into the though process going on.

The sound of Tangerine Dream – Moog Minimoog

One of my favorite tracks from Tangerine Dream. Dolphin Dance from the album Underwater Sunlight featured the Moog Minimoog from the year 1978 analog strings: Oberheim OB-X Synthesizer (1979) drums: Minimoog and samples


This is the weird take on the weird sound generator synthesizer I’ve redesigned with the help of my brother. Our goal is to provide estatic pleasing synthesizers by using unconventional materials. For those focussed on the dawless experience, searching for that extra spicy flavor, clearly or underneath their beats..

The MFOS (music from outta space) WSG is a synth for anyone who is looking for unique and more unknown sounds that are yet there to discover. By adding some effects you can easily create unique soundscapes and some interesting textures.

How I produce a Synthwave Song

After many requests, here is a very personal insight into my latest production «Hong Kong Story». I had a blast doing this.

In this video, I show you how i produce a synthwave song. But it is very similar to producing my synth-pop-songs as well.

Anachronism – Ambient Lofi Empress Reverb – Casiotone MT-205

Further studies with new gear combined with unexpected sources. I put the Casiotone MT-205 through its paces with the Empress Effects Reverb pedal. I used the Sparkle preset and added drum loops and an electric bass part.