Music mag vending machine gives free copies to deserving fans based on their iPhone

billboard-logoSeems there’s only such a thing as a free lunch — or in this case, a free music magazine — if you are deemed a worthy fan.

Billboard Brasil magazine — which follows the basic format of the American Billboard, featuring both Brasil Hot 100 and Billboard 200 charts, articles on regional and international music, as well as regional and international charts — can be picked up from special vending machines in Brazil.

Here’s the neat idea: anyone can attempt to get their hands on a free copy by connecting their iPhone to the Fan Check Machine and allowing it to scan their iTunes music library. If they have 20 or more tracks by the artists featured on the cover of the current issue, they are granted a free magazine. Otherwise, they have to pay the cover price.

Here’s a video demonstrating it in action:

“Only the number one music magazine can spot the number one fan.”

What do you think of the idea?