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Acoustic & Electronic Instruments, Musicians, News, Tutorials, Videos & Interesting Finds

Daily Roundup 15 Jan 2022: Dr Jason Kwak, Behringer BRAINS, Ruth Slenczynska

Piano with Steinway Hall of Fame Teacher Dr. Jason Kwak

An interesting little video from Dr Jason Kwak, newly inducted into the Steinway Teacher Hall of Fame and teaching at Texas State University.

Members of the Piano Department are specialists in many areas, including classical performance, jazz performance, collaborative performance, organ, group teaching, pedagogy, and chamber music.

Behringer BRAINS now shipping

Behringer’s new BRAINS eurorack module, a high-resolution multi-engine oscillator module for Eurorack with 20 synthesis engines, 96 kHz sound quality and OLED oscilloscope is now shipping. The Behringer BRAINS is an amazingly versatile digital sound source for creating percussion sounds, leads and basses, as well as drones and soundscapes.

With 20 digital oscillator modes, including many different control engines, you’ve got a wealth of different sounds and timbres to create some wild and out-of-this-world patches using chords, harmonic oscillation, particle noise, analog bass drum, snare, hi hat and even speech. If having 20 digital oscillator modes wasn’t cool enough, BRAINS has an integrated and inspiring OLED display so you can visualize and adjust waveforms exactly the way you want them to be. Plus, having a screen with dancing waveforms on your synth is just plain awesome.

Watch the Behringer Brains launch video from last summer for more:

97-year-old Rachmaninov student signs record deal

Ruth Slenczynska, 97 today, was a child prodigy pianist in the 1920s and is considered to be Sergei Rachmaninov’s last living student. She also had connections to the American composer Samuel Barber.

Still an active performer, most recently playing at the Chopin International Festival and Friends in October last year, her new album My Life in Music celebrates and explores the music of Chopin, a composer who had a big influence on her as a young pianist, along with other composers including Debussy, Grieg and Bach.

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