Kieran the Cat “has musical talent”. Or just likes the camera

Kieran: Piano lover?

Kieran: Piano lover?

Cat lovers are a strange bunch (I’m allowed to say that as I am one, although I also love dogs so that makes me a non-purist). Take the ‘owners’ of Kieran, who suggest that he has real musical talent.

The basis for this is his need to walk across the piano keys when one of his clan begins to play the piano.

“The piano lid came up, my husband sat down to play a note, and Kieran came running. Sometimes, he was already there.”

Despite what you might glean from the short video clip, Kieran (apparently) doesn’t press random keys:

“Sometimes, his rhythms matched my husband’s. And If my husband was playing in the middle range of the keyboard, Kieran seemed instinctively to know to go to the upper range or the lower range. He plays the upper range very delicately. On the low range, he’s not subtle at all.

Kieran also has an ear for musical dynamics. A coincidence? Who can say? I have heard Kieran plop his butt down with a great forte (musical term for loud) on the lower register of the keyboard. With a delicate and soft technique, Kieran demonstrates legato (smoothness) on the upper keys. What a cat! Turns out our mystery stray has all kinds of talent.”

I’m afraid I’m going to need more evidence of this fact. I think Kieran is far more interested in the camera, and in being the centre of attention.

What do you think?