Yamaha upright piano gets green makeover

Before and After shots.

Before and After shots.

No sooner do we feature a silver painted Baldwin piano when along comes this rather fetching/interesting (you decide) green Yamaha acoustic piano.

You can judge for yourself whether the makeover, again using chalk paint, is a good idea. Personally, I can never tire of the original wooden grains of an original piano — even if it’s a bit battered it can often be rejuvenated and made to look good.

Still, Monica didn’t feel the “old-fashioned” oak of this Yamaha suited the decor of the rest of the home, but as she loved listening to her husband playing the piano, and the kids enjoying running and dancing around to the music, she decided a makeover was a better option than scrapping it.

The paint is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and the colour is Antibes Green.

Monica says, “I hear so many people say, ‘but you can’t paint it – it’s REAL wood!’ and I want to go on the record saying, ‘It can be REAL wood and still be REALLY ugly!’ Don’t be afraid to paint!”

I guess I prefer the natural look, but each to their own. If I had to choose between these two, though, I think I’d plump for the silver. Maybe that’s because my digital piano is silver with a wood grain trim.

What do you think?

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