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Korg intros/updates SP-250 portable digital piano

This digital piano has since been superseded by the Korg SP-280.

Korg has announced its SP-250 digital piano, plus an SP-250BK model which is finished in jet black.

Here’s the puzzler. We first featured the Korg SP-250 digital piano back in October 2005 — some six years ago.

This seems a bit unusual. Manufacturers tend to revamp their keyboards and give them new model numbers at least every year or so. We presume that Korg’s technology has advanced and this digital piano has been updated along the way.

Anyway, read on to find out the key details of the SP-250 and SP-250BK, or check out Korg digital pianos to buy right now.

Korg SP-250 digital piano

Superb piano sound in a digital stage piano

The robust sound of a concert grand piano has been carefully and lavishly sampled for this digital stage piano. Differences in playing dynamics and position in the stereo field have been faithfully captured, delivering naturally expressive piano sounds that recreate every detail. The SP-250’s piano samples are longer than other pianos in its class. Increased length means the piano sound sustains more naturally, so the piano sounds more real throughout the performance, not just at the attack. Three versions of sound are provided in this wonderful and portable digital stage piano to cover different tastes and genre needs. To round out the piano offerings, the SP-250 also features a vintage electric grand sound, as well as an authentic honky-tonk piano.

Grand piano playing experience

The SP-250 is the first portable digital stage piano from Korg to feature the RH3 real weighted hammer action. This state-of-the-art key mechanism features differing key weights in each register of the keyboard, delivering the same playing experience as a grand piano. The keyboard is exceptionally responsive, even when playing quickly repeated figures, to preserve every expressive nuance of the performer. The Key Touch Control provides three selectable touch curves, delivering the perfect touch sensitivity for every playing style or type of song. Yet, even with such a robust keyboard, the SP-250 weighs less than 42 pounds (19 kg.).

A wide palette of sounds

In addition to its remarkable piano sound, the SP-250 portable digital stage piano includes a rich array of sounds that will extend your performance possibilities. An assortment of classic electric pianos (reed and tine styles), church and jazz organs, string and choir sounds, harpsichord and clav(s) elements and even mallet percussion and guitar sounds, are all available at the touch of a button. Two sounds can be layered together to play simultaneously; and of course, you can adjust the balance to get the perfect blend. To help you audition the sounds, 30 demonstration songs ranging from classics to originals are built in to this digital stage piano, showing off all the sounds in a variety of musical genres.

Dual effects

To further enhance the sound, the SP-250 provides both a Reverb effect, that recreates the spaciousness of a concert hall, and a Chorus effect that adds a colourful depth to the sound. The effects settings have been optimised for each individual sound and the user can choose from three levels – Light, Normal and Deep – to complement his or her performance.

Style and versatility

The chic body design is highlighted by metal and wood-grain accents, with a solid music rack included that mounts in seconds. The control panel is simple and easy-to-use and includes 19 LED indicators providing for instant visual feedback. The SP-250 is perfect for those who appreciate quality in both sound and design.

Full range sound system

The SP-250 contains a custom system, featuring two 10 cm dual-cone speakers matched to a pair of 11-Watt amplifiers that beautifully reproduce the rich sounds of a piano. The bass-reflex speaker system ensures that every bit of the deep resonances distinctive to a great piano will be heard.

Stand and pedal included

The SP-250 portable digital stage piano includes a high-quality damper pedal that is vital for proper piano performance. It provides the ultimate expressive control thanks to half-pedalling, which is a variable damping effect based on how deep you press the pedal, rather than the simple on/off switch found on cheaper instruments. The dedicated stand is both simple and stylish, and fits securely into a recessed area in the bottom of the piano, providing a remarkably solid feel. The stand’s lower crossbar even prevents the pedal from “creeping” forward in performance. Best of all, the SP-250 can be easily removed from the stand for easy moving and carrying during live performances.

Convenient features

Two headphones can be connected simultaneously, providing for student-teacher use or family enjoyment. Thanks to stereo outputs, you can listen to the sounds of the SP-250 through external speakers, a great feature for professional performances, schools and places of worship, and for recording purposes. MIDI In/Out jacks connect the SP-250 portable digital stage piano to a synthesiser or other MIDI-equipped device (computer/sequencer), allowing the SP-250 to be used as both a master keyboard and a 16-part multi-timbral sound module for performance and composition.

The Key Transpose function lets you shift the pitch of the instrument to match the key of a singer, or to play along with your favourite CDs. An onboard Metronome is convenient for practicing. You can add an accent to the first beat (with normal or bell sounds), and adjust its volume. There’s also a dedicated slider for easy adjustment of the tempo.

In addition to equal temperament, the SP-250 provides the two most common Baroque and Classical era tunings (Kirnberger and Werckmeister) for historically-accurate performances.

Korg SP-250 Specifications

88 notes (A0 – C8), Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 keyboard

Touch Control:
Light, Normal, Heavy

Sound Generation:
Stereo Sampling System

60 notes (max)

30 sounds (5 Pianos, 7 Electric Pianos, Harpsichord, 2 Clavs, Vibraphone, Marimba, Acoustic Guitar, 3 Jazz Organs, 3 Church Organs, 3 Strings, 3 Choirs)
Two Programs can be layered

Reverb, Chorus (3 levels each)

30 songs (10 songs in 3 banks)

Tempo, Time Signature, Accent and Volume controls

Key Transpose, Fine Tuning, Temperament (Equal, Kirnberger, Werkmeister)

Damper-style (included), half-pedaling supported

Main Amp:
2 x 11 Watt

Audio Outputs
L/R 1/4″ outputs
1/4″ Headphone

2 Dual Cone Speakers (2 x 10 cm) with bass-reflex speaker box

Power Supply:
DC 12V (External AC adapter) 3.5A

Power Consumption:

50.98” (W) x 14.96” (D) x 5.51” (H)
main unit only, not including stand

41.89 lbs. (19 kg) main unit only, not including stand.

Included Items:
Stand, Music stand, Damper pedal, AC adapter

* Sound processed by INFINITY.