Yamaha introduces new metronomes

yamaha-metronome-me-d1Digital piano players may wonder at the need for a separate metronome, but acoustic piano players and other musicians often benefit from an external timekeeper.

In fact, Yamaha’s latest metronomes are a little more versatile than the ones found on digital pianos and keyboards.

Ideal for musicians of all levels, Yamaha’s new metronome models ME-55BK, ME-120BK and ME-D1 are available in three options: clip-on, digital Quartz watch, and digital Quartz cube. These new stylish and fully functional metronomes are perfect for all practice situations.

yamaha-metronome-me-120bkThe clip-on model ME-55BK fits perfectly on clothing or music stands for effortless operation and includes key features such as dial type volume control, a memory backup function and a superior beat visual on the LCD screen.

The ME-120BK is presented as a digital quartz wristwatch. Features include a stopwatch, timer and pace calorie counter. Additionally, the metronome vibration mode allows users to sense the tempo through the wrist.

The Yamaha Digital Quartz Cube Metronome ME-D1 features two LEDs, making the tempo easier to observe from any distance. The ME-D1 includes a unique 360-degree tempo dial, allowing for a wide tempo range and generous sound output, making it easier to hear.