Korg Wavedrum Oriental dynamic percussion synthesiser revealed [NAMM11] 1

Korg has announced its limited edition Wavedrum Oriental, a percussion synthesiser featuring a wide range of Arabic percussion sounds.

Exotic sounds to Western ears, Arabic percussion is indispensable to belly dancing, world music and other popular genres. Many acoustic percussion instruments can produce a whole range of sounds simply by the way their rims and skins are hit, and the Wavedrum Oriental aims to replicate this with a direct physical method of performance.

korg wavedrum oriental percussion synthAll the sounds faithfully simulate the distinctive ways in which the tone is affected by subtle nuances in playing technique and the position of the strike on these acoustic instruments – the Darbuka with its thin single skin, the Riq with its single skin and jingles, and the dual-skinned Bendir.

There are 150 preset sound programs plus 150 user programs.

An optional percussion stand is also available.

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