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Behringer Solina String Ensemble claims faithful to original

They’re at it again, you can at least admire their persistence… love them or hate them, Behringer is back with a new Eurorack module which claims to authentically reproduce the classic Solina String Ensemble analog synth.

The Solina is a classic string ensemble synthesizer that was first introduced by the Eminent company in the mid-1970s. It was designed to create lush, full-bodied string sounds that were similar to those of a real string orchestra.

The Solina was one of the first polyphonic string synthesizers, and it quickly became popular with musicians in many genres, including pop, rock, and electronic music. Its warm, rich sound was ideal for adding depth and texture to a wide range of musical styles.

The Solina used a unique circuit design that combined a divide-down oscillator system with a phaser and envelope generator. This allowed it to produce a rich, complex sound that was both expressive and versatile.

In addition to its string sounds, the Solina also included a range of other sounds, such as brass, choir, and organ. It also had a built-in ensemble effect that added a shimmering, chorused quality to its sound.

The Solina was used by many famous musicians, including Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, and Joy Division, among others. It remains a popular instrument today, and many modern synthesizers and software instruments are modeled after its distinctive sound.

The Behringer Solina String Ensemble features violin, viola, trumpet, horn, cello and contrabass instruments as well as controls for tuning, crescendo, bass and volume just like the original revision B. It achieves its iconic multi-orchestral sounds through divide-down technology albeit in a more compact enclosure you can easily integrate into your setup.

Behringer uses a multi-stage Bucket Brigade chorus to closely replicate the original modulation sound, plus a recreated Small Stone phaser with dedicated rate control.

As a modern device, it comes with a comprehensive MIDI implementation, channel and voice priority selection, and modulation outputs.

It’s available now for $299. Product page.