Neo-Soul Keys gets two new electric pianos [iOS App]

neo-soul-keys-iconFans of Neo-Soul Keys, from the Gospel Musicians, will be pleased to hear they’ve just launched two new electric pianos for the app.

Neo-Soul EX5 uses the synthesis technology from the Yamaha EX5 synth, sampled through the FDSP engine of the EX5 to simulate the modelled expression of an EP pickup. It includes a dedicated knob to adjust the EP Pickup sound.

Neo-Soul Dyno is an emulation of “Dyno-My-Piano” — an expressive and highly playable emulation of a Dyno electric piano sound.

Version 2 of the Neo-Soul app also includes bug fixes and a new, warmer and richer chorus algorithm.

Users can sample the new electric pianos for free on a time-limited demo, or purchase them for $9.99 each. The controlling app itself is free.

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