Professional piano moving service launched by US removal company

With horror stories like this £45,000 piano falling off a lorry, it’s not surprising that people are wary about entrusting their beloved piano to a removals company.

Even if you can find a regular company who’ll take on the challenge (many will refuse anyway due to the risks involved) you may well find that shoddy, inexperienced movers will cause damage to the instrument or to surrounding items, property or even people.

There’s a lot to consider when moving a piano. For a start, it’s very heavy, and that weight isn’t uniformly distributed. has published a piano moving guide exploring the possible pitfalls involved, and what customers should look for when seeking a piano mover.

Spending more upfront on a specialist, knowledgable piano moving firm may well save later heartache and expense when damage to the instrument becomes apparent and there’s a large repair bill.

The site offers a free quotation service for customers moving within mainland United States.