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Regen Desktop Synth from Synclavier Digital launched

Synclavier Digital has announced its new Regen desktop synth, looking fine in red trim and with lots of features to keep you satisfied.

It’s a digital FM synth designed for desktop use, and containing the power of an enhanced and optimised Synclavier II DSP engine. It has a full colour screen, liquid-like touch controls, high fidelity auto outputs, and huge sound design capabilities.

It supports additive synthesis for full control of 24 harmonics, as well as subtractive synthesis for creating super saws, PCM square waves and noise generation. Audio samples can also be used as the carrier waveform.

These waveform generators can be mixed, with up to 12 partials and crossfades assignable to inputs such as velocity, pressure, mod wheel and keys.

The device contains over 550 timbre presets, 2000 royalty-free samples including over 350 from the NED era. The synth has polyphonic aftertouch and uses MPE for good connectivity to other instruments.


  • >550 Regen timbre presets
  • >2000 samples of royalty-free factory content
  • Additive waveforms, subtractive waveform generator and multi-sample patchlists, as well as resynthesis
  • 12 partials to build your sounds.
  • 12 tracks for multi-timbral playback or stacking (layering) of sounds.
  • 4 USB ports for keyboards and other peripherals plus one USB port for connection to DAW. And 5-pin MIDI standard (TRS).
  • 2 full-colour high resolution screens
  • Sensitive liquid-like touch swiper and 12 selector pads.
  • Multiple effects per track, including chorus, reverb, vibrato, tremolo, arpeggiator, bit crush, and multi-mode filter.
  • High fidelity DC-coupled audio out (stereo XLR or TS) with 130dB of dynamic range.



Synclavier Regen is a desktop unit measuring 310mm wide by 260mm tall and 42mm deep. Housed in aluminum, finished with a sand-textured black and Synclavier red surround.
It has rubberized plinths.

User interface consists of many silicone buttons with multi-colour backlighting, a virtual knob capacitive-touch slider with epoxy-coating. A VK display is included as well as a main modal display that shows current parameters, user settings, timbre library, etc.

Over 40 years of synth design has led to this product. It’s a sound-designer’s dream in a timeless desktop package.

Sound-design Capabilities

  • Advanced DSP synth engine, as used on Synclavier II, has been extended for Regen.
  • 12 separate tracks of multi-timbrality, assignable to MIDI tracks and keyboard ranges.
  • Up to 98 simultaneous voices. Voice count is dependent on system load and is likely tobe much higher in typical scenarios.
  • 12 partials per timbre. Each partial can be 1 of 3 oscillator synth modes: additive ,subtractive, or samples.
    • Additive mode supports coefficient and phase control of 24 harmonics.
    • In samples mode, up to 128 samples can be placed on the partial’s patchlist.
    • Subtractive can have a noise generator or up to 9 de-tunable continuous sawtooth waveforms.
    • Hybrid (resynthesized samples)
  • Timbre-level effects, including:
    • Stereo reverb algorithm with pre-delay and library of presets.
    • Highly-optimised multi-mode filter with sophisticated filter envelope.
    • Bit-crusher (for use with additive, sample, and hybrid modes).
  • Frequency modulation (FM) controllable per partial (all modes) with envelope.
  • Sophisticated modulation system that allows many Regen parameters to be controlledvia MIDI, LFOs (24 per timbre), or driven by envelopes (24 per timbre).
  • Approx 300MB of sample space in memory = 100 mins @ 48Khz 24-bit mono sharedacross all active tracks and partials.


  • Balanced streo output through XLR connections at pro-level 4dBu. Designed for studio and home use. These are DC-coupled for maximum bass impact.
  • Single-ended TS stereo outputs, also DC-coupled.
  • Convenient headphones TRS jack for monitoring master audio with independent volume control. For headphones in range 32W – 300W.
  • DAC circuit is designed for ultra-low noise floor. 11dB of headroom over nominal level. A measured 130dB of dynamic range. 24-bit, 50kHz sample rate, as per Synclavier II.
  • Hybrid sound design engine: original Synlcavier II hardware is modelled in software.
  • High quality audio components throughout, including a precision temperature-compensated crystal oscillator for jitter-free digital audio.
  • Two glorious full-colour sunken displays.
  • Reponsive silicon back-lit parameter buttons.
  • The vertical value swiper is touch accurate to 128 levels of resolution for precise controlof every parameter.
  • 12 selector buttons are touch-sensitive and can handle gestures to quickly selectmultiple partials or tarcks.
  • SD Card reader for unlimited user timbre and sample libraries.
  • 4 USB accessory ports for MIDI keyboards, sequencers, and audio interfaces. Plus 1 USBHost port for connecting to a computer for MIDI input from a DAW.
  • Take it on the road. Rugged, full metal enclosure. Designed to fit in a back-pack.


  • Over 550 preset timbres categorised by instrument and tags. Including 64 of Anthony Marinelli’s hand-picked timbres from his film composing career (Blue Thunder, War Games, Heart like a Wheel, Stakeout).
  • Over 2000 royalty-free samples, including over 350 selected original NED samples, and 195 commissioned for Regen by sound pioneers, Jamie Lidell and Leith Fleming Smith.
  • Polyphonic aftetouch and MPE are supported and many presets are optimised for MPE expression.
  • Built-in help pages, comprehensive operators manual available replete with sound design tutorials.

Available now for $2,499.

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