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Session Percussionist intelligent drum and percussion library launched by Native Instruments

Native Instruments has announced the launch of their Session Percussionist library which works with their free KONTAKT 7 PLAYER or KONTAKT 7.

Session Percussionist allows the crafting of detailed and authentic performances with up to five players, with the ability to browse over 2000 drum patterns from renowned session musicians and then edit them in the step sequencer. Smart pattern searching helps speed up the creative process, which intuitive sound controls offer added depth and dimension.

The powerful search suggest patterns based on the rhythm entered, with a wide variety of styles and genres catered for. Up to five percussion instruments can be used using patterns, individual hits and rolls. The feel, timing and velocity can be customised, along with tuning and stereo width. The interface has an X/Y pad for precise positioning of instruments. Advanced rhythms including triplets can be created using individual grid types.

Packed with a selection of shakers, tambourines, congas, cajons, and more, choose from 58 meticulously sampled instruments, each with multiple mix variations. Get swift results with curated ensemble presets, each containing up to five instrument slots that can be played simultaneously or individually for unique expression.

Personalize your sound from the mixer page, where you can dial in EQ, compression, reverb, and delay effects, then route individual signals and room mics to direct outputs to process them individually. Remove unwanted high or low notes using the articulation filter, change tuning, timing, and stereo width, then position each player within a virtual live room using the X/Y pad and enable doubling to ensure they sit perfectly in the mix.

The software is designed to fully integrated with Kontrol S-Series keyboards, including using the light guide.

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