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Artiphon Chorda MPE controller coming soon

Artiphon will begin shipping its Chorda intuitive synth, looper and MPE MIDI controller in December, hopefully in time for the holiday season.

Chorda is a stick-based instrument which lets you experiment with sound, try new playing techniques, and build entire songs in minutes. It has a touch-sensitive surface, effects triggered by movement gestures, and layering via looping.

Out of the box, it features over 100 sounds including traditional instruments and experimental synths. Samples can be imported using the accompanying Artiphon app.

It can be played in a variety of ways including holding it like a guitar or bass, or flat like a piano or drums and percussion. It features a bridge session and “smart strum” which allows strumming using single-finger chords.

Twelve capacitive sense pads are used for playing and manipulating notes, along with the built-in accelerometer, haptic engine, gyroscope, and bridge with six triggers.

It has a built-in speaker and rechargeable battery so is great for using on the move. There’s also headphone/line out for connecting to larger audio devices, plus USB-C for charging and MIDI. Bluetooth LE can be used for wireless MIDI.

Available in black, white or blue for $249.99. Aimed at novice musicians, there looks to be plenty here for experienced and experimental musicians who like new and alternative input and playing/performance devices. We don’t have details specifications for the Chorda, but you can check out the intro video or the product page for more info.