Roland GO:PIANO88 launched for aspiring pianists

Many people agree that anyone serious about learning the piano needs to have an instrument with the full 88 keys at their disposal.

Of course there are many stage pianos and even some upright acoustics with fewer keys – 73 or 76 are common – as they are generally more portable and less heavy. In reality, many people don’t even venture into the far upper and lower bounds of a full-range piano keyboard. For those aspiring pianists who want the entire sweep of keys comes the Roland GO:PIANO88.

Roland GO:PIANO88

Roland GO:PIANO88

Adding to Roland’s lineup of GO-series instruments, the 88-key full-sized GO:PIANO88 is designed to be used alongside a smartphone, to offer a learning solution for beginner pianists to get going playing piano.

It’s got some of Roland’s best-sounding digital pianos sampled on-board, ready to go, along with an electric piano, organ, and strings. 128 notes of polyphony – how many notes can be sounded at one time – means no dropped notes during more complex and sustained passages of music.

Though the GO:PIANO has 88 full-sized keys and in-built speakers, it weighs in at just 7kg (15lbs7oz), making it quite acceptable to transport the instrument around for practicing and gigging on the go.

Other features include metronome, transposition, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The 10W x 2 amplifier serves two 15x6cm speakers. There are jacks for headphones/audio output, a sustain pedal input, USB B for MIDI connection to a computer, and DC IN jack for power. The unit can also be powered with batteries.

Available in February priced $399.99.