Roland RD-300NX digital piano: SuperNATURAL flagship on economy [NAMM11] 1

Based on last autumn’s flagship Roland RD-700NX digital piano but at a lower price point comes the RD-300NX.

This new digital piano features the same SuperNATURAL piano sound engine as found on last year’s four models, together with new electric piano sounds, a Sound Focus feature, ivory Feel-G Keyboard with escapement, one-touch piano button, graphic LCD and hundreds of in-built sounds.

Roland RD-300NX digital piano

Sound Focus has been designed to ensure that every note can be heard, even subtly played ones. Based on SuperNATURAL phase-correction technology, this essential feature ensures that the RD-300NX won’t get lost in the mix, penetrating through walls of sound without compressing or colouring the tone.

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Roland’s Piano Designer feature also makes it on to the RD-300NX. This allows custom pianos to be built quickly and easily using the graphic LCD.

An optional triple-pedal unit (RPU-3) can be added if required.

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