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KARMA Motif software for PC and Mac announced [NAMM11]

Yamaha and Karma-Lab have announced the development and release of KARMA Motif software for the PC and Mac, bringing the award-winning KARMA algorithmic music technology to the Yamaha Motif XS and Yamaha Motif XF platforms.

KARMA Motif debuts the new KARMA 3.0 technology with a host of new features including eight-track design (six KARMA Modules and two Keyboard Layers) per Performance, per-track Volume and Mute stored in each of the 32 Scenes and the ability to individually adjust the mix of all parts in each Scene.

karma motifUsers are also able to control Velocity Response Curves by individually tailoring the velocity response for the left hand keyboard, the right hand keyboard, the input to KARMA from the keyboard, and the 16 Chord Triggers (pads), without editing the Motif’s programs or songs.

A Fill/Stop Feature allows for the use of one or more modules as a melodic or drum fill with the ability to stop and start other modules automatically. The Advanced Stutter Feature lets users retrigger the entire groove at different rhythmic resolutions, from machine-gun stutters to slow triplet hits.

It also features a real-time Master Transpose function, Chord Triggers that can activate pre-programmed chords, hits, sound effects and even the Motif’s arps. And, with the new KARMA software, all of the buttons and sliders on the Motif’s interface (in Remote Mode) can be used to trigger the Chord Triggers and Fills, the Stutter feature, Scene changes, Scene mixes and real-time algorithmic variations.

KARMA Motif’s Performances use the Motif’s Song/Mixing mode, where each of the 64 songs is a complete KARMA algorithmic music groove with a left hand and right hand zone for controlling KARMA and soloing on top of it. The Motif’s arps are also integrated in many performances as additional elements that can be added via the 16 Chord Triggers.

While in Song Mode, players are just one step away from recording their KARMA-created musical performances into the Motif’s sequencer, or the output can be routed to any DAW for external sequencing. Furthermore, a KARMA Performance can call up any Motif Voice, Performance, Song, Pattern, or Master slot when loading, so that KARMA can be used in any of the Motif’s modes.

KARMA Motif Software for PC and Mac ($199) is scheduled to be available directly from Karma-Lab in April 2011.