Roland intros V-Drums Lite HD-3 electronic drum kit [NAMM12]

The Roland HD-3 V-Drums Lite drum kit is ideal as a starter kit for beginner drummers and anyone who wants a compact, relatively inexpensive electronic drum kit in their home.

It uses much of the same decade-developed technology found in Roland’s latest V-Pro series kit but is smaller and cheaper.

Key features include:

  • 20 preset kits with dedicated select buttons.
  • Backlit LCD offering playing and kit information.
  • Beater-less kick drum with an improved playing feel and low ambient noise.
  • Cloth-head toms with improved design and feel.
  • Dual-trigger pads for snare and crash/ride for improved playability.
  • Adjustable metronome.
  • Audio input jack allows mixing and jamming along with recordings on MP3/CD etc.

Additionally, a PM-03 personal drum monitor amplification system can be added offering 2.1-channel sound and dual audio output jacks.

Full details of pricing and availability to be announced in due course.