Jersey Opera House Steinway grand piano to be restored

Steinway grand piano at the Jersey Opera House

Steinway grand piano at the Jersey Opera House

The Steinway grand piano installed in the Jersey Opera House is finally going to be restored, after a decade of fundraising plus a one-off £10,000 donation.

The piano was bought second-hand and although it is constantly used by local and touring groups, it really needs some work to bring it back to its former glory.

Restoration will include the replacement of strings, tuning pins and keyframe felts plus some general repairs.

The large donation was made by De Lancey and De La Hanty Foundations.

A new Steinway of this type would cost around £120,000 and take a year to make.

Dominic Ferris, who works with Steinway, said, “Each one has a personality, we treat them like living things and any piano players will know when you play one of that calibre, it is like driving a top of the range car.”

“A car that is not maintained will not run as well as it would when it is new, if they continue being used in a place like an opera house it is important they are maintained.”