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WoFi ’80s-inspired sample synth blasting on Kickstarter

Many people have a soft spot for the 1980s sampling keyboards, whether they were there and owned them at the time, or are younger but look back and enjoy the nostalgia.

Now comes Wofi, a portable cloud-connected sample synthesiser from Kiviak Instruments which takes a lot of its inspiration from those early instruments, yet is bang up to date and nearly fully funded on its Kickstarter campaign.

The Wofi is based on subtractive synthesis, and has a step sequencer and audio effects built in. It’s designed to be easy to get started and operate, and features plenty of controls plus a bright display screen for such tasks as selecting or editing samples.

It can connect to a cloud service but the creators say the keyboard is still fully functional if you choose not to connect (or if at some point in the future the cloud service no longer exists).


  • record samples effortlessly with the internal microphone or the stereo input
  • play any recorded sample chromatically with 10-voice polyphony
  • transform the sample with the different emulated sample players and the rich synthesizer interface with: an envelope, a low-pass filter, an LFO, etc…
  • bring sparkles to your sound with Texturer
  • sequence notes and parameters and play along with it
  • use it on the go with its internal battery, microphone, and speaker 
  • … or in your studio with other machines, thanks to its I/O for midi, cv/gate, audio, and analog sync. All the signal flows go two ways : inward and outward; you can configure it however you want.
  • get fresh samples and patches from or share yours effortlessly directly from your WoFi thanks to its internal wifi chipset
  • sleek interface without menu diving to foster the creativity flow

Technical Details


  • 48kHz / 16bits
  • ??Direct loading from the flash memory, no preloading
  • 10-voice polyphony


  • 48kHz / 16 bits mono
  • ??Line / dynamic microphone / integrated microphone
  • ??Gain adiust -6dB + 22dB
  • Eurorack level compliant


  • Flash embedded memory: 100 MBytes
  • ??Flash cartridge memory: 100 MBytes
  • Up to 200 User Patchs + 50 Presets


  • 16 steps track for notes
  • 16 keys track for parameters sequencing


  • Real time processing (No Preprocessing)
  • ??Interpolation modes: sample & hold, linear, whittaker-shannon
  • ??Pitch shift
  • ??Time stretch
  • ??Bit crusher
  • ??Texturer
  • ??Machine rendering emulation
  • ??Resonant state variable filter (12dB/o-24dB/0)
    Parameter modulation from different sources enveloppe, LFO, sequencer automations, external modulation (CV/MIDI), after touch, touch strip
  • Texturer: self mixing renderer based on granular sampling – 8 grains – multi tap harmonizer


  • Direct file system management through USB
  • Embedded sample editor


  • WIFI connectivity, up to 16 key pass
  • Cloud access: Patch / Sample upload and download, sharing or backup


  • Sync clock + start/stop
  • ??CV input, Gate input
  • ??CV output, modulation output, gate output
  • ??MIDI in, out, through DIN+USB
  • Line In, Line out, Headphones


  • USB powered
  • Embbeded battery – roughly 4h autonomy
  • ??Integrated Microphone
  • ??Integrated Speaker
  • ??Full backup to Cartridge or
  • User friendly workflow


  • Aluminium / wood body
  • Dimensions: 52cm x 23cm x 7cm