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Behringer CHAOS Analog Random Sampler Eurorack Module launched

Behringer has announced its CHAOS analog random sampler module for Eurorack, designed produce intricate melodies, complex beats and soundscapes thanks to its random sampling. The user can control clock speeds, trigger and CV probability, scale length, ambient washes and grooves.

There are two sections. The t section generates gates at random tied to a master clock. The X section generates three random voltages which are clocked to the t section. Each section is infinitely tweakable and can be patched to different sources to create some truly unique sequences.

In the t section there are three main outputs. The master clock can be warped by turning the jitter knob, and can be utilised for a more human feel especially in beats.

In addition, there are three controlled probability modes. The green mode simulates a coin toss at each master clock pulse which then determines where the output is routed. The orange mode multiples and divides the t1 and t3 output by a random ratio, while the red mode alternates between t1 and t3. Further fine tuning can be achieved by turning the knob.

The X section works in a similar way and can be triggered from any of the t outputs or an external source. Voltage output can be manipulated with the step control, which affects pitch in a variety of ways.


Key features at a glance:

  • Amazing powerhouse to create random rhythm and musical ideas
  • Sound engines based on Mutable Instruments * Marbles
  • t generator creates a ”warped“ clock source by simulating the missteps of a musician trying to play to a click
  • X generator provides 3 random CV sources, clocked by the t generator
  • Memory function recalls the order of each preceding clock abberration, voltage or rhythm
  • 2 separate audio outs for both the main sound and a dynamic variant
  • Eurorack specs: 16 HP, 70 mA +12 V, 40 mA -12 V