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PLASMA Voice Oscillator Eurorack Module limited first run available

Gamechanger Audio has announced a limited first batch release (100 units) of its PLASMA VOICE Eurorack oscillator module, which customers will get signed and delivered with a special design T-shirt.

PLASMA Voice is a synthesizer module that produces sounds by controlling high-voltage electrical discharges between two electrodes on a specially designed xenon-filled gas tube. These discharges are converted to analog audio using a specialized rectifier circuit. The result is mesmerizing electric sounds that match the visual intensity of the blue bolt of electricity.

The electric discharges are driven by a proprietary ultrasound pulse-width oscillator. This oscillator is modulated by predefined samples and envelope shapes (or SOUNDS for simplicity’s sake) that you can select, trigger, waveshape and modulate with sliders and CV inputs. This in turn puts you in control of the electrical discharges and the resulting sounds.

Even though the selectable SOUNDS are organized into BANKS dedicated to specific musical parts, you can transform each one of them beyond the intended use. We invite you to explore the sonic possibilities both wonderful and strange.


Plasma Voice Engine

  • Proprietary plasma tube driver and electromagnetic discharge detector
  • 49 transformable SOUNDS across 7 BANKS
  • SOUNDS are complex digital synth engines that modulate the PLASMA tube driver to achieve various sounds. The engine building blocks are tube driver pulse width and frequency modulation, sample pitch modulation, envelope time stretch, wavefold, crossmod, suboctave modulation

Analog Signal Path

  • Soft clipping DRIVE circuit
  • BASS and TREBLE frequency boost/cut EQ section
  • Analog state variable VCF (selectable 12dB/Oct LP or HP) with resonance amplifier
  • Analog output VCA
  • VCF and VCA are digitally controlled with internal analog control voltages
  • Audio output level +/-8V max


  • 6 center Indent SLIDER potentiometers
    • PITCH +/- 1 oct (fine tune and octave settings are also available)
    • TIME – envelope time stretch
    • MOD – pitch modulation effect
    • HARM – harmonic content effect
    • FLUX – electric artefact effect
    • FILTER – cutoff with and without envelope modulation
  • 5 center indent ATTENUVERTERS for CV inputs
  • ALT button for accessing the alternative SLIDER functions for FINE TUNE, ACCENT parameters and FILTER RESONANCE
  • Manual TRIGGER / GATE button
  • CLUTCH button for temporary parameter editing buffer
  • Push & turn ENCODER and a 7:7 LED indicator for SOUND & BANK selection, octave select and navigating the settings menu


  • 7 CV inputs. One for each SLIDE and 1 assignable MULTI CV input as an additional CV for any of the SLIDERS or BANK & SOUND selection
  • Pitch CV 1V/Oct, +/-10V range
  • Parameter CV, +/-5V range
  • TRIGGER and ACCENT inputs: 2V minimum, rising and falling edge detect.
  • 5 TRIGGER input modes: TRIG, GATE, LOOP, OSC, ON/OFF

Setting options

  • 5 TRIGGER modes 
  • 7 ACCENT modes 
  • MULTICV assignment
  • MIDI channel select
  • Center pitch select
  • Master octave offset
  • FILTER mode select
  • Auto save of all settings


  • 3.5mm MIDI IN jack, (DIN5 to 3.5mm adapter included)
  • MIDI support: Notes, Velocity, CC panel control, PC BANK & SOUND change, PC settings change, Channel 10 General Percussion Key Map, Pitchwheel, Modwheel
  • Potential firmware update via MIDI SysEx

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: +/-12V DC, (10-16 pin cable included)
  • Power draw: Peak 220mA at +12V (mean 75mA), 35mA at -12V. 0 at +5V
  • Size: 16HP (W x H: 81.3 x 128.5mm) 
  • Max depth: 35mm excl. knobs, 54mm incl. knobs
  • Mass: 190g

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