Yamaha CF Series of handcrafted concert grand pianos introduced

Yamaha has announced its new CF Series of handcrafted acoustic grand pianos.

The three models, including the full-size (9 foot) CFX concert grand, the CF4 (6’3″) and CF6 (7′), are based on extensive research and development including play testing with some of the world’s top classical performers.

The new CF Series is unique in that many artists got involved with the design,” said Mark Anderson, marketing director for Yamaha’s Keyboard Division. “Most excelled in all music genres, but the focus was on classical performance. The result is an instrument that will appeal to the world.”

“We compared prototypes on stage in large concert halls against the best our competition had to offer in order to evaluate their positive qualities, as well as their limitations. Using this knowledge, we can now offer players incredible artistic possibilities.”

The CFX replaces Yamaha’s acclaimed CFIIIS concert grand piano.

Full specifications and exact launch date are to be confirmed.