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Yamaha Disklavier Network unveiled [NAMM13]

Yamaha has used this year’s NAMM show to unveil its Disklavier subscription service.

The Disklavier Music Network is a multimedia service allowing owners of E3 and Mark IV Disklavier performance reproducing pianos to receive streamed live concerts and musical broadcasts, as well as on-demand entertainment and educational content, directly to their instrument. The service includes both DisklavierTV™ (streaming audio, video & MIDI) and DisklavierRadio™ (streaming MIDI).

It’s powered by Yamaha’s RemoteLive™ technology, allowing a pianist to perform in one location and have their exact keystrokes and pedal movements transmitted live in real time to other networked Disklavier pianos anywhere in world.

More than 25 channels of DisklavierRadio™ will stream a large and varied library of pre-recorded music performances, captured in studios and concert venues, with MIDI data that will also play connected Disklaviers in any location.

Broadcasting perfectly synchronized video and audio plus MIDI data from a single location to multiple locations, Yamaha’s Disklavier and RemoteLive™ platform are redefining how piano performance and education are shared and experienced.

DisklavierTV™ will officially launch in April 2013 and will only be available to US-based customers, initially at least. It will cost $19.95 per year or $199.95 per year, which includes both the Radio and TV services.

Yamaha is also developing the Disklavier Education Network™ (DEN) with specialised content created by Yamaha and educational institutions that will be shared with members of the service.