Yamaha Piaggero NP-31 and NP-11 ultraportable digital pianos unveiled [NAMM11]

Offering a similar function set to the 76-note Piaggero NP-V60 and NP-V80 digital pianos released last year, Yamaha now reveals the ultraportable NP-31 and NP-11 models.

The NP-31 features a 76-note full-size keyboard, while the NP-11 offers 61 keys. Designed to be transportable and usable pretty much anywhere, they’ll run off six AA batteries for when a power outlet isn’t available.

yamaha piaggero NP-31 NP-11 ultraportable digital pianosBoth models feature high quality piano voices and features, built-in metronome, and Graded Soft Touch action keys. This emulates a grand piano keyboard without the additional weight of hammers, and should be perfectly adequate for those wanting a good digital piano experience without the extra weight or expense.

They’re also perfectly usable as basic controller keyboards, though they do lack some of the features on the higher specced Paggieros.

Shipping in May 2011, the Piaggero NP-31 carries an MSRP of $399, while the Piaggero NP-11 has an MSRP of $249.