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Yamaha reintroduces Clavinova CGP1000 digital piano

Yamaha has reintroduced its high-end Clavinova CGP1000 digital piano featuring the technologically advanced function of the Clavinova CVP400 Series housed within an elegantly crafted 4ft 11in grand piano cabinet. This hybrid piano combines the accurate reproduction of sampling technology with the richly textured harmonic nuances of a real grand piano.

Designed to address the continued strong demand for a high-end CVP-type digital piano in a grand-style cabinet, the CGP1000 was originally inspired by the Clavinova CVP309GP. It features the dynamic, one-of-a-kind upgrades of the CVP400 Series that add the capability to record and share fully orchestrated performances with vocals. The CGP1000 offers such features as Internet Direct Connection (IDC), enhanced song and lyric LCD displays and a Natural Wood Keyboard with Synthetic Ivory Keytops.

Yamaha Clavinova CGP1000

The CGP1000 features Yamaha’s groundbreaking Instrumental Active Field Control (iAFC) technology, which makes acoustic adjustments to the sound so it appears to the listener that the instrument contains a “real” soundboard and resonant cabinet, and creates a richer, more spacious sonic environment. Using built-in microphones, iAFC picks up sound and combines it with the Clavinova’s internal sound system, making automatic adjustments in real time to enhance performances and the acoustic characteristics of the room. The Natural Wood keyboard accurately reproduces the experience of playing an actual grand piano, including the authentic touch (especially with the Synthetic Ivory Keytops), feel and weight of the keys.

With the USB Audio Recorder feature, users can record their own performances, including vocals or anything else that comes through their Clavinova’s sound system. For example, an instrumentalist playing an electric guitar when plugged into the mic input jack can be recorded along with the CGP1000. The Super Articulation Voices and Mega Voices make a wide range of acoustic and electric instruments playable directly from the keyboard with expressive realism and performance characteristics never before heard in a Clavinova Digital Piano.

Enhancements to the Music Finder and Internet Direct Connection (IDC) feature allow CGP1000 digital piano users to discover a new world of online music on Yamaha’s IDC website. From the LCD display and the built-in LAN port, players with a high speed Internet connection can add styles to their Clavinova’s library, download song files to play immediately, or take piano lessons from the privacy of their piano bench.

Auto Accompaniment, Style playback and Voices automatically produce full backing parts, just like an expert band would play, in a full range of genres. Musical arrangements are authentic, full and rich, so players of all levels will sound professional while performing and improvising. The CGP1000 also features a microphone input jack for players who want to sing along with keyboard performance. The Vocal Harmony effect (with 60 presets) creates automatic vocal harmony backing parts that are perfectly pitched and matched to the musical style and chords being played.

Available now with a RRP of $15,000.

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