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Yamaha PSR-S900: Full specifications and more pictures

The PSR-S900 is now over 10 years old and has been superseded by the Yamaha PSR-S910, PSR-S950, PSR-S970 and PSR-S975. Read our comparison of all fourteen PSR-S Series keyboards.

One of Yamaha’s new arranger keyboards, the PSR-S900 is a step up from the PSR-S700, featuring:

  • 61 touch responsive keys
  • 128 notes of polyphony
  • 320×240 resolution LCD capable of lyrics and score display
  • AWM sample sounds
  • 392 voices, 19 drum kits, 480 XG voices
  • 15 MegaVoices
  • 22 Sweet! Voices
  • 26 Cool! Voices
  • 20 Live! Voices
  • 10 Organ Flutes
  • Sound creator/voice set
  • Vocal harmonisation
  • 2 layer voices
  • Large number of preset and user-definable effects including reverb, chorus, 4x DSP
  • 205 preset 8-part auto-accompaniment + user category with mixer controls
  • 305 accompaniment presets + user styles + style creator
  • 16 track recording
  • Performance assistance technology

First introduced in Tyros, MegaVoice brings a new level of realism to the PSR-S900 keyboard. The MegaVoices feature various playing techniques and performance sounds — such as finger slides and fret noise on guitar Voices — designed specifically to enhance playback of the built-in Styles. Simply hold down a chord while you play, and enjoy some of the most astonishingly realist, expressive accompaniment you’ve ever heard.

Super Articulation introduces a completely fine level of sonic realism and musical expressiveness, with remarkably authentic voices featuring the unique performance characteristics of each instrument.

More images of the PSR-S900 (click thumbnail for main image)

yamaha_psr_s900_workstation_keyboard_4.jpg yamaha_psr_s900_workstation_keyboard_3.jpg yamaha_psr_s900_workstation_keyboard_2.jpg yamaha_psr_s900_workstation_keyboard.jpg

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