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Yamaha unveils CVP400 digital piano range

Yamaha has introduced what it says is the most innovative and technologically advanced range of digital pianos, in the CVP400 series.

“No question about it: the Yamaha CVP400 Series Clavinova Digital Pianos are the most exciting CVP Series ever,” says Jim Levesque, Clavinova Marketing Manager, Yamaha Corporation of America, Piano Division. “For the first time in the history of the digital piano, users can record fully orchestrated performances, with vocals, onto their USB thumb drives. These acoustically stellar performances can then be turned into CDs, using iTunes or Windows Media Player, and then easily shared with friends, in person, on disc or over the Internet. And, for added convenience with fewer external interfaces, the Clavinova CVP400 Series is the first with a built-in LAN port.”

The range includes the CVP401, CVP403, CVP405, CVP407, and CVP409 (pictured).
With Yamaha’s groundbreaking Instrumental Active Field Control (iAFC) technology, the CVP-409/407 models use built-in microphones and speakers to reproduce the complex sonic textures of a grand piano, creating a richly resonant sound that’s truly unparalleled. The Natural Wood keyboard on the CVP409/407 reproduces as closely as possible the experience of playing an actual grand piano, including the authentic touch, feel and weight of the keys. Yamaha’s famed Graded Hammer 3 (CVP405/403) and Graded Hammer (CVP401) technologies give a remarkably natural piano touch and expressive response.

With the USB Audio Recorder feature on the CVP409/407/405/403 models, users can record their own performances, including singing, karaoke or anything else that comes through their Clavinova’s sound system, such as, for example, an electric guitar when plugged into the mic input jack. “Then, they can burn a CD or send their music over the Internet to share their creations with others,” says Levesque. “And, the Super Articulation Voices (CVP409/407/405) and Mega Voices (CVP409/407/405/403) make a wide range of acoustic and electric instruments playable directly from the keyboard with expressive realism and performance characteristics never before heard in a Clavinova Digital Piano. If you activate the guitar voice, for instance, you’ll hear harmonics, fret noise and body tap, just like you would when listening to a live guitarist. Same with brass instrument voices – you’ll hear shakes and falls – or saxophone, where you’ll hear breath noise. Yamaha designers purposefully created Super Articulation Voices to sound the way real instruments sound — and it all happens naturally and appropriately, just the way you hear these sounds when you’re listening to a musician performing live or on a high quality recording.”

In addition, the CVP400 Series’ Organ Flutes Voices and a realistic textured rotary speaker effect flawlessly reproduce the vintage organ sound heard in Gospel, Blues, Jazz and Rock music.

The range also include a variety of authentic accompaniment styles, plus an enhanced Music Finder and Internet Direct Connection, for discovering and purchasing music online.